Brand Photography Exeter

Exeter Brand Photography

When choosing a photographer to represent your Devon brand, you’re likely to have some questions:

Will you consider our existing branding?

For sure! My aim is to provide you with photographs that accurately showcase your Exeter brand; my job is not to impose my opinion, but to work with you and deliver a product that will help boost growth.

Where do we start?

With an email or phone call. Let’s have an initial chat to answer any questions you may have. From there we can arrange meetings in Exeter, pre-shoots, whatever we need. I treat every client differently as every brand is unique.

How do you supply the photos?

Usually the easiest way is to upload them to the cloud, then share the folder with you. I always use strong passwords and encryption, which probably makes this the most secure method too.

Can I use the photos for social media?

Yep! The photos from our shoot(s) will be full-resolution, un-watermarked files and you are free to use them however you wish – it’s your brand after all! I am happy to provide additional formats such as smaller files for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc if required.

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