Brand Photography FAQ’s

Brand photography creates a set of images that accurately represent your business or organisation through the use of props (perhaps your products), locations in the South West that resonate with your customers, models, lighting, colours and much more besides.

I may be a tad biased here, but I think brand photography is hugely important, and is only becoming more important as younger generations engage and share exponentially with visual brand culture, often via social media.

If you have the time and resources to construct your own brand photography, by all means go for it! But I’m sure you’re only too aware how asking members of staff to pose or display your products, whilst another takes a couple of photos on their phone perhaps isn’t currently generating the kind of images that you’d like to properly represent your brand.

Many of my clients believe that regularly investing in updated brand photographs (often reflecting seasonal changes) keeps them ahead of the competition, and using in-house resources simply isn’t time-efficient.

Whilst I’m lucky enough to be involved with some prominent brands in the South West, I equally love meeting smaller businesses, charities and startups to create sets of images to push their brand forwards. Every brand is unique, and I enjoy giving every client the space to express their ideas and aims for the project.