What I do

I’ve always had a passion for photography. When I was young I used by dad’s film SLR cameras to mercilessly photograph the local wildlife (I have hundreds of photos of pigeons in the garden!)

When digital photography became affordable I jumped at the chance. I completed my degree in Digital Photography and began shooting weddings & portraits.

Flash forward to today and my passion lies in branding. Blending photographic aesthetic with commercial values really speaks to me!

How I do it

Every set of photos is different, just as every brand is unique. We’ll chat about exactly what you’re looking to achieve through photography, then we can set up the logistics of the shoot and make it a reality!

I provide all suitable shots from the day in full-resolution, unwatermarked format so you are free to use them in whatever context you like.

I use full-frame mirrorless Sony cameras & lenses for the best possible results.

Where I live

I live in North Devon, but am lucky enough to travel extensively to work with amazing clients throughout the UK & beyond.

I’m passionate about helping South West businesses & charities succeed, so let’s get chatting!

Branding Photography

Working together with clients I create a dialogue through photography which expresses their brand, presenting it effectively.

Have some questions about branding photography? Check out my Brand Photography FAQ’s page.

Living The Southwest Lifestyle

In my downtime I love to travel around Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, and my camera always comes with me!

I’ve not lost my love for landscapes and can never resist taking the opportunity to get the shot 🙂
I also SUP around the coastline and am getting into drone videography.